Navigating the quintessential English life….easier said than done, especially considering I am Merrisa, a  31 year old Australian who along with my husband sold our house in Oz, quit our careers and headed abroad with the desire to see the world. It’s been 2 and a bit years and we’ve visited 23 countries so far. Of all we’ve seen and done the most surprising thing about our travel journey (you can read all about it in my husbands blog here) is that a girl who grew up on the beaches of the Sunshine Coast, swears, has tattoos and listens to rock music has fallen head over heels in love with the rolling green hills and quaint grey cobblestone streets of England. Yep even the Union Jack Bunting….. Thus we find ourselves for all intents and purposes settled in a beautiful little village working in a proper English Inn and Pub. A far cry from my former life in Brisbane City working as a counsellor / criminologist, a career I adored but one that  looking back on through my now wiser travellers mind was the ruling force of my existence and had been since at 15 I decided I wanted to understand what made people do bad things. I still miss that part of my life sometimes, mainly when I’m watching one of the many true crime documentaries on TV, but the life we lead now is quite perfectly simple. Our motto: we want to live, love, travel, and enjoy.

So I guess this blog is a way for me to chart my new life in and love of the beautiful motherland. From finding the perfect English tea house, to fostering my ever increasing obsession with all things Agatha Christie, to knitting and baking my way through many proper English recipes and patterns, and joining the WI (yes you read that correctly).


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