Well it’s been awhile…..

I have no valid excuses for neglecting this blog other than the usual busy work/ life ect. So what have been up to thats blog worthy over the past three months? Hmmmmmm

Well we took advantage of the rest of the summer to head on out to the close by Ebbor Gorge for a walk and picnic. Some parts of the hike are not for the faint hearted but I am lucky enough that whilst I am a curvy girl I am a fairly fit and able walker / hiker. That is not to say I didn’t complain in the steepest parts but once up the top, the view made it worth it. Image

Our little city has been thriving with community events from the local French Boules Tournament to the Charity Fun Run to the much anticipated Night on The Town. The latter being in its infancy but the people of Wells turned up in full force to shop, drink and eat to their hearts content.


Theres been some celebrity spotting of late too. We’ve had Nicholas Cage popping into check out the Wells Market recently, Terry Griffiths the world famous snooker player spent a few days and perhaps the most exciting of all was dinner with the Sheep Shaped Potato! Yes you read that correctly! One of the things I love about being in a small place is all the fun stuff that passes for newsworthy items. Upon initially being told that a couple of farmers had stumbled across a potato in their crop that looked suspiciously like a sheep and that this was a story being picked up by the local newspaper I had to giggle. By the next morning The Huffington Post had picked it up among others (see here) and I was told that the Sheep Shaped Potato, or SSP as I had started calling it, was dropping by with it’s ‘parents’ for dinner at our bistrot and to have a photo shoot with the Journal! Excitement was palpable as you would expect and whilst initially a little sceptical as to the newsworthiness of this vegetable, I can honestly say that when it was lovingly pulled out of the hand bag of it’s ‘mother’ I became an SSP convert. It was the hands down one of the cutest things I have ever seen and it REALLY did look like a sheep!!! See for yourself. When the news is filled with death,  war and financial woes to name a depressing few, it is nice to have a piece of news that brings a smile to your face. Long Live the SSP!



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