Orson Welles once said…..

“My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are three other people.”  Well I can assure you and the late Orson that there were three other people present at a recent dinner party we threw in belated honour of our new flat. We have been living in our new flat for a few months before finally getting our act together and inviting two of our closes friends over for dinner. That is not to say they had not been in our home but mainly for drinks before or after dinner to a gorgeous local Indian restaurant we four tend to frequent. As this was the first dinner party in our new place we decided to all out. Cutlery and glasses were expertly polished as if the Queen were one of the guest, the table was set with specially folded napkins (see here for various tips) and Champagne was chilled.  We served  charcuterie, cheese and olives to start, followed by the British favourite – fish pie, salad and bread. This was a delicious Jamie Oliver recipe we have made for ourselves before and it didn’t fail to impress our guests. A little tip: Jamie says it is optional to add cream if you wish to make the pie creamier and we always add a tablespoon of double cream. For dessert I turned to Nigella for a chocolate mousse recipe found here. In keeping with my love of all things British, I thought serving them in tea cups with shortbread would be a nice touch. This was the first time i’d made this recipe and it was fantastic. Quick, easy and every so rich and chocolatey!!! I am finding Nigella the go to girl for great desserts of late.


close up of napkin


The table setting


The mousse!


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