While there is Tea, there is hope

Words uttered by Horace in Pinero’s 1888 play Sweet Lavender and I could not agree more. It was in this vein of thinking that I decided it was high time to ditch the tea bags and buy myself a proper teapot and loose leaf tea. I informed my hubby of this and the fact that this excursion would result in the need for dainty tea cups, a cute milk jug and tea strainer.  He sighed but agreed to indulge my tea madness.

So we set out yesterday morning in search of a teapot….we searched and searched and searched. We looked in every home wares and kitchen shop in our village, we then headed for the outlet wonderland of Clarke’s Shopping Village scouring all the same kinds of stores and even a shop dedicated solely to tea pots and tea turned up nothing. I didn’t realise until I had started looking that I was very particular about the teapot I wanted. I couldn’t say for sure what I wanted but I would know it when I saw it. Not overly comforting words for my husband. Thus we started looking for tea cups and this also came to no avail. I wanted “Dainty and English”, two things my husband pointed out I was not. So we came home empty handed and I resolved to find what I wanted on the internet and again I searched and searched. I came across some lovely tea cups and tea pots. One particularly took my fancy see it here but for some reason I wanted the rounder globe shaped tea pot and there was something about it’s shape I wasn’t happy with (I am a crazy person I know). Finding tea cups to match my criteria was much easier online except for the price! I quite liked these and these and even these but wasn’t keen on spending so much for four cups and saucers.

This morning I woke up with renewed vigour and decided to go back to the first shop we had looked in yesterday and have another look at the first teapot my husband pointed out to me. And as soon as I did, I loved it! To avoid anymore second guessing I bought it and a very vintage looking tea strainer. I don’t know what the shop assistant thought of me with my Metallica T-Shirt, discussing the difficulties of finding the perfect teapot but she was friendly enough and gave me some tea cup advice. She said her daughter had recently wanted tea cups and visited a bunch of charity shops picking up mixed match sets. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it considering I live in a village full of charity shops. So without further adieu I hit the charity shops. Not all had a big selection but this was definitely the kinds of dainty cups I was looking for. I was initially keen on the mixed match idea but then wandered into a shop that sold a beautiful set including 7 cups, 5 saucers and 9 side plates for £4.99!! What a bargain and they are made in ENGLAND by Alfred Meakin. Perfect! Now I just need to find the perfect milk jug 🙂



One thought on “While there is Tea, there is hope

  1. I had a laugh at this one Merrisa. I think we all go through this as we get older. My fondest memories are drinking ‘proper’ tea (a few rouge leaves left in the bottom of the cup) out of a dainty gold rimmed tea cup that makes you stick your pinky in the air like royalty ! Now you need to do jam and scones with the proper little jam knives and the 3 tier cake stand !! 🙂

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