Bath, Bea’s and Five Little Pigs…

The biggest difference between our former desk job lives and our current hospitality careers is that my hubby and my days off can vary and sometimes don’t coincide. This week my days off were Monday and Tuesday and my husband’s were Tuesday and Wednesday. Luckily I had the late shift on Wednesday so we decided to make the most of our limited shared time off and head up the road for an overnight stay in Bath.  The main attraction: front row seats on opening night of Agatha Christie’s Go Back For Murder. We arrived around lunch time, checked in to our cheap and central Travelodge and headedout for lunch. We ate at a Brazilian restaurant near the Theatre Royal after picking up our tickets for the night’s show and happily stumbled across a court yard with monument of handprints of famous actors who have graced the Theatre Royal’s stage. One of them quite excitingly for me was Peter Ustinov,who I first watched playing Hercule Poirot as a child.

Poirot’s handprints!

I couldn’t help myself…

We have been to Bath before and done the tourist thing but that time the weather was poor, so this visit after lunch we took advantage of the beautiful 18 degree sunshine and wandered the streets of Bath before heading back to the hotel to get ready for the show. As we had a big lunch we decided we would just have afternoon tea before the show. Now finding the perfect English tea house is a bit of a hobby of mine and after doing A LOT of research on tea houses in Bath I decided on Bea’s Vintage Tea Rooms   a 1930/40’s tea house boasting home made strawberry jam and vintage war time paraphernalia. Trip advisor is full of raving reviews and I stumbled across a blog here that sealed the deal for me. Eagerly we headed out and arrived at just after 5pm to find that it had closed early for the day. Disappointed is an understatement but we resolved to go back for morning tea before heading back to home the next day. Boy was it worth the wait! From themoment you enter it feels like you have gone back in time. The WWII era music sounds as if it is coming from a vintage wireless and surroundings are just gorgeous with dainty embroidered table cloths and mix matched chairs and patterned china. We had a lovely cream tea and can attest to the deliciousness of the strawberry jam! Definitely a must visit if you’re in Bath.

Bea's Cakes

Bea’s tea rooms

As for the main attraction, Go Back For Murder performed by the Agatha Christie Theatre Company was excellent. The play is based on the Christie novel Five Little Pigs and is one of my favourites. It was a treat for me to see Sophie Ward on the stage as she played Molly Kendall in A Caribbean Mystery alongside the definitive Miss Marple, Joan Hickson in the 1980’s. This was our first visit to Theatre Royal Bath but it won’t be the last. It is a really stunning Theatre.

eagerly awaiting the show

pre-show pint

pre-show pint


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